What are your weight loss goals? Our homeopathic "Simeons'  Program" hCG weight loss real "original formula" hCG Pellets are a great alternative to drops and injections. Each bottle of our VLCD "original formula" hCG Pellets is  approximately a 30 day supply. (Recommended 3 Pellets, 3 times a day).

Simeons Program hCG weight loss real original formula Pellets have become one of the most common alternative forms of hCg weight loss. We have added Vitamin B12 in our pellets as well for your benefit . B12 can be a boost of energy and help with an all around “feel good” emotion while on the hCG VLCD weight loss diet.

Our products are the frequency of "Simeons Program" hCG - recommended by Dr. Simeons'. He found it to Suppress appetite, metabolize fat, and aid in assisting in reseting the hypothalamus.

Our ingredients include the frequency of:

*hCG" 6X,12X,30X,60X
*Vitamin B12 – Supports a boost of energy and fat metabolism
* L-Arginine – Assists in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level
* Carnitine - Is known to increase fatty acids and supports metabolic rates
* Ornithine - Used to boost muscle gain and also supports energy levels
* Fucus Vesiculosus - Useful for endocrine disorders.
* Phytolacca Decandra – Helps with Glandular disorders.
* Thyroidinum – Assists in supporting a healthy thyroid, which is one of the many causes of weight loss prevention
* Aceticum Acidum – Supports the body to not store such a high amount of “water weight”
* Baryta Iodata – Lympathic Drainage.
* Anacardium Orientale – Acts as an appetite suppressant
* Calcarea Carbonica – Supports and helps with Lymphatic constitutions.
* Capsicum Annum – Supports and helps with Plethoric constitutions.
* Graphites – Helps support a common side effect with the VLCD Diet Constipation.
* Natrum Sulphuricum - Another ingredient to help with maintaining a healthy amount of “water weight”
* Zincum Metallicum – Another ingredient for appetite suppression
* Stannum Metallicum – Promotes health in the liver and energy support also

More questions? Contact our customer service team at (616)755-8446 or our Live Chat!

To assist you to be successful and answer all your questions; we offer a FREE Sucess Guide! (.pdf Download) Do you want to know all about our "Simeons Program" hCG Pellets and what are they? What is the VLCD Pellet diet plan? What is "Simeons Program" Pellet weight loss and how does it work? Get your questions answered and more in our Success Guide!

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Simeons Program Weight Loss Pellets

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