• Weight Loss Maintenance Kit

You've made it!
Our recommendations for the Maintenance Package will help you to achieve your goals for Phase 3 of Simeons hCg Protocol and beyond!!

Simeons Program hCG Weight Loss Maintenance Kit Incudes:

  • Appetite Suppressant Patch
  • Detoxification Patch
  • Metabolism Booster Patch

    The Simeons Program hCg weight loss maintenance phase is a simple phase (please consult the Success Guide for complete details) which consists of increasing the amount of food your are eating and slowly adding foods that were not on the VLCD protocol. Due to its simplicity, many people often decide to jump over this phase while there are some people who do not take it serious. This is the worst mistake that you can make. WARNING: Failure to properly go through the maintenance phase can result in re-gaining the weight you just worked so hard to lose. If you have questions about Phase 3 of the VLCD Diet ie the Maintenance Phase please come into Live Chat and allow one of our Customer Service Reps to answer your questions.

    The most common hurdles in successfully completing the Maintenance Phase are increased hunger, not properly detoxifying and lack of energy. Our Weight Loss Maintenance Kit is designed to overcome those hurdles. Our Appetite Suppressant Patch will help keep your hunger and cravings in check. The Detox patch will help your body flush out the toxins that were released as a result of your weight loss in Phase 2. The Metabolism Booster Patch will help increase your metabolic rate which can result in an increase in energy and a more efficient metabolism.

    The Simeons Program Weight Loss Maintenance Kit contains:

    (1) 30 Day Supply of the Appetite Suppressant Patch

    (1) 30 Day Supply of the Detoxification Patch

    (1) 30 Day Supply of the Metabolism Booster Patch

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    Weight Loss Maintenance Kit

    • $124.00

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